September 7, 2007

Grosgrain ribbon

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I’ve been feeling a bit down these last days, but at least I have managed to sew the grosgrain to my straw hat. I’ve used something between a slip stitch and a back stitch, but I’ve had to stab my way through, but it has turned out ok.

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It was difficult to align the ribbon because the straw is swirled, so I couldn’t follow it’s line, but I looks good enough for me. I should have curled the ribbon which I didn’t because in the beginning I thought it was not necessary. To remedy the buckled look of the ribbon I sprayed it with water and I put the hat back in the block, that way the ribbon dried up flat and looked a little bit better.


  1. OK…good to know I am not the only one to put a funky ribbon job back on a block to smooth out. Your secret is safe with me…
    Sorry you have been feeling down. Everyone (including myself) seems to be having blue spells around here lately. Maybe summer’s end has something to do with it.
    Thanks for posting. I missed reading about your creative efforts.

    Comment by jill — September 7, 2007 @ 11:27 pm

  2. Good to see you back, Cristina. Change is in the air and perhaps that is what is causing the blues for so many. Change is good too tho’. Doing something creative always helps me snap out of it.

    I’ve wrestled with funky ribbons too. Steam or a spritz of water does seem to work. I spent 3 days this week disassembling a hat I made this summer and reworking it by quilting the lightweight fabric. My hands and elbows are still cramped from the effort but I’m happy with the result (even tho’ my hubby thinks it looks like a ‘cartoon hat’). Oh well, we have to please ourselves in the end. Will shoot and post it soon.

    Happy Hatting! K Q:-)

    Comment by Kate — September 8, 2007 @ 2:22 am

  3. Are you reading the new millinery books like crazy? Can we see the final view of the straw? Miss seeing your creations, hope you are having fun, and the “downs” have gone.
    I’m rallying a bit…

    Comment by jill — September 19, 2007 @ 1:24 pm

  4. Have missed you!!!! Hope you’re just busy with good things. K Q:-)

    Comment by Kate — September 19, 2007 @ 6:25 pm

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