March 20, 2007

Getting my act together

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Copyright of Hardvard University LibraryYou must all be wondering why I’ve disappeared from the face of the earth. I had very good intentions, I promise you, to get back into action right away, but life has a way of getting in the middle.

I’ve been having severe headaches that turn out are a result of a strained neck. I have been taking things easy (although still going to work), and three times a week I go get some currents, heat and excercises that seem to be doing the trick. The doctor wanted me to take some horrid muscle relaxant medicine, but when I read the leaflet and saw that taking it can affect my ability to generate new memories, well, that kind of did it for me. No way I was going to take that. The doctor seemed not to understand my reluctance (doctors do not like despondent patients), and when I mentioned that I was not happy with the anti-inflamatory medicine either (it was making me nauseous) he said it probably was because I was overweight. Well, that was the last straw, that guy is not going to see my face ever again. Not that I’m not overweight, which I am, but it has no possible connection with the anti-inflamatory medicine making me sick.

So, this is it for me now. I look forward to writing some interesting things for you soon so please keep on checking the blog!

Ah, almost forgot. Talking about headaches, just try to imagine the kind of headache that wearing this hat would have given the wearer. That must have been heavy, even if the foundation were wire, the massive amount of fabric must have made it heavier than a brick… ouch! Funny enough they call it “medium sized”.

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  1. Cool picture. Medium sized: No wonder they called them “stiff necked women.”
    I’ve done the electrical stimulation deal on deep tissue injuries and it is amazing. So much better than meds.

    Comment by jill — March 25, 2007 @ 9:01 pm

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