January 7, 2007

HATalk e-magazine review

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HATalk is a downloadable monthly e-magazine (suscription based).
Published by the Wombourne School of Millinery it contains all sorts of hat-making related articles and tips. All articles are very detailed, including step by step pictures.

My review is based on the three issues that I have read. One issue (number 4) I received for free (you can also receive a free issue, email them at mail@hatblocks.co.uk). In November I subscribed, and I have received the November and December issues (January issue comes out 17th January). I hope to buy all past issues soon (I have to write to find out how much that will cost!).

Although there’s an understandable focus on the activities of the School (like the Hat of the Month section, that features students work), the magazine also contains helpful millinery tips and full hatmaking tutorials. Interesting information for anyone who loves making hats.

On the latest issue, for example, I liked the detailed instructions on how to make an Edwardian tiara (plenty of pictures), as well as the tips on how to put your logo on hat linings. On the November issue I like the explanation on how to distress crin (horsehair) and how to make a yarn “boa”. On the July issue there an interesting article about millinery stitches, a tutorial on how to make a “circlet hat” out of sinamay, an explanation on how to make braids and a very interesting “letter to the editor” asking how to roll sinamay edges, with a very detailed (with pictures) how to explanation.

The magazine comes in PDF format. Every month the subscriber receives an email with a link to download the magazine.

A subscription to HATalk costs £2.95 (aprox. $4.95 or €4.30) per month, and can be paid with credit card securely through 2CheckOut.com. With 12 issues a year that adds up to quite a lot (aprox. €51.60), but there is such a scarcity of “printed” material about hat making that I for one believe it’s worth it to subscribe. Please be aware that the Wombourne School of Millinery also publishes e-books, a list of which you can view on this link.

Final tip. If you subscribe, remember to participate on the “month giveaway”. And if you don’t subscribe to HATalk, you can always subscribe to the newsletter which is free!


  1. I’ve just discovered your blog, and as a millinery student, am finding it fascinating!

    Comment by Leanne — May 2, 2007 @ 7:26 am

  2. I have decided to stop my subscription to HATalk because I don’t find the contents as interesting as I used to, but I would welcome your opinion if you are still subscribed.

    Comment by cristinadeprada — July 17, 2009 @ 9:48 pm

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