December 17, 2006

Label for the hat – Cathererinettes hat

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lousy picture of my labelunderside finished hatThe picture is quite awful (I haven’t recovered my camera yet), but you can get a vague idea of the kind of label I’m using.
Some time ago I bought JET TEC Polysilk Adhesive paper (10 A4 sheets, ordering code 3693 JB). No idea if it gets manufactured any more (I bought it at FNAC and they don’t have it any more). It’s a shiny textile with an adhesive backing.
I made my labels on the computer (remember you can print a background color also like I did). Then I printed it on my inkjet printer.
When I first started making these lables I had a problem with the ink bleeding when it got wet (like when wearing the hat with wet hair). I bought something to help with that called PermaFix inkjet fixative. It’s supposed to seal and protect inkjet images against UV and water. This time I have sprayed this on my label, so I should have no problems. One other thing, as you can see I cut it with m zig zag scissors.



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