September 20, 2007

Health and safety hazard?… but boy the hat is glamourous!

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Picture taken from the film Easter ParadeFirst things first, I want to say THANK YOU for your support. This last week my mother has been in the hospital and she will probably go home tomorrow as she is feeling better. As you can imagine she has been my priority and I’ve been spending my days there, and also some nights.

To the left is a TV snapshot from the TV film “Easter Parade” (the musical number of the magazine covers).

While I think the woman looks gorgeous (although my mom thinks it doesn’t look like a hat at all…) I think the hat should be sold with a disclaimer.

Disclaimer: The milliner accepts no liability whatsoever for any personal or material damage that might arise from the use of this hat, including but not limited to traffic accidents, getting run over by a truck, getting married to the wrong guy, spilling coffee over the person standing to the right, not to say neck pain from having to turn to the right everytime someone talks to you from that side.

Let’s keep on smiling!

September 7, 2007

Grosgrain ribbon

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I’ve been feeling a bit down these last days, but at least I have managed to sew the grosgrain to my straw hat. I’ve used something between a slip stitch and a back stitch, but I’ve had to stab my way through, but it has turned out ok.

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It was difficult to align the ribbon because the straw is swirled, so I couldn’t follow it’s line, but I looks good enough for me. I should have curled the ribbon which I didn’t because in the beginning I thought it was not necessary. To remedy the buckled look of the ribbon I sprayed it with water and I put the hat back in the block, that way the ribbon dried up flat and looked a little bit better.

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