December 5, 2006

Things to look forward to on the blog

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As you may have noticed, there is not much hatmaking going on at the moment. That is because this week I’m on holidays, yipeee!
To keep your hopes up I will let you know the things I will be talking about soon:

  • Review of millinery publications: The HAT Magazine, HATalk
  • Suppliers: hat blocks, felts, ribbons…
  • More book reviews (I have lots of interesting books on my shelf waiting to be reviewed!)
  • For Xmas I have asked for the DVD of a documentary about “the People Under the Brim”. So if I find it under the tree I will also write a review.
  • Some more fun trivia.
  • And last, but not least, I will finish up the current (Catherinettes) hat, and start a new project… perhaps one of the pattern hats from the Japanese book I reviewed?

So stay tuned!

Catherinettes hat will be finished soon

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You will wonder what ever happened with the hat I was making for the Catherinettes party (a party that did not take place, by the way). Well, the hat is unfinished and will have to wait until I get back from my holidays.
Not much left to be done, the ribbon needs to be well sewn, but other than that it’s practially ready.
Another story is what clothes to wear with it (a lesson to be learned… always choose first the outfit and then make the hat to match it).

December 3, 2006

Evening hats are back again

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evening hats - headline
 Many people imagine the 1950’s to be a hat lovers paradise, but in fact the fifties were the begining of the hat decline. The post war generation distanced themselves from hats, yes, but what about this strange article I found in British Millinery (January 1950 issue)? The article, titled “Evening Hats are back again and West End Restaurants Waive Ban” left me in shock. “The evening-hat controversy is waging fast and furious in London”, didn’t you know?! (no, not really, I had no idea!)
Apparently, some West End hotels and restaurants were asking ladies wearing evening hats to take them off and leave them at the cloakroom (a word I love, by the way, I wonder if you can also leave your daggers there).evening hats article excerpt
Ok, “if a woman has a large hat or one with trimmings which would inconvenience other dancers” I can understand that they make her take it off (which by the way gives you an idea of how packed were the dance floors in those days)… but otherwise? I’m with the writer of the Evening Standard‘s “Londoner’s Log”: “what right has anyone to dictate to a good-looking woman about what hat she may or may not wear?”. After all, the poor lady whose story is told was wearing an inoffensive “evening hat in black velvet with bird-of-paradise plumes”.

December 2, 2006

A hat makes all the difference!

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 Let’s face it, the smart hatted lady couldn’t care less about the handsome guy, yet I guess the message of it all is, dress smartly and men will fall at your feet (and possibly drule on your shoes -an unfortunate side effect-).
The message is clear. The hatless, badly dressed girl is getting ignored (and does have the psycopath look of someone that has a gun hidden in the purse and is waiting for the right moment to pull it out and start shooting indscriminately).
This amusing drawing belongs to an article in the British Millinery magazine from July 1950. “The Holiday Fashion Parade: Win 25 pounds as the best-dressed girl – but don’t forget a hat makes all the difference!”.


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I couldn’t agree more, a hat makes all the difference, makes you special, rescues you from mediocrity.
The hat is the ultimate accesory.


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