July 23, 2007

This e-book about making Stitched Strip Hats looks good…

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Click to lik to www.how2hats.com page about this ebook

I was browsing around when I saw this hat e-book, and I think when the Summer Sale comes around I will get it for myself. Last summer they had all ebooks at half price during the month of August and I didn’t buy any, so this summer I’m allowed to buy a lot!… It looks like this one shows how to make straw braid (or any other strip) hats and it could come useful because although they use a normal sewing machine the principles should be the same (I hope it doesn’t turn out that most of the hat is made by hand because I really want to learn new tips on using the machine!).

Normal price is $25, so I really hope they do the Sale again this summer.

March 2, 2007

Another digital treasure – Women Working (Harvard University Library)

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Copyright of Harvard University LibraryI just love the amount of information that is out there if you are lucky to find it.

The latest treasure I have found is the “Women Working, 1800-1930” open collection from the Harvard University Library.

Here is the description, from the website:

Women Working, 1800 – 1930, focuses on women’s role in the United States economy and provides access to digitized historical, manuscript, and image resources selected from Harvard University’s library and museum collections. The collection features approximately 500,000 digitized pages and images including:

  • 7,500 pages of manuscripts
  • 3,500 books and pamphlets
  • 1,200 photographs

Of course I had to search for Millinery, and I found out that they have 2 digitized issues of the Delineator, some interesting books about the milinery trade, wages of women in the trade, and my two favorites from the collection:

The millinery department, written by Charlotte Rankin Aiken and dated 1918 and Millinery, written by Natalie Kneeland and dated 1925.

The millinery department is a book explaining how a millinery department is set up, how it should be run, and goes into lots of details about the different kinds of hats, materials, finishes, trimmings, and more. It’s lots of fun to read, I just browsed through it and found it very amusing. Take this good advice for example: “The power of the line is almost inconceivable. Faces seem to grow shorter or longer, fuller or thiner, noses appear to raise or to lower their tips, and even eyes seem to grow slanting or straight, large or small, under the influence of the shape of the hat.”


January 7, 2007

HATalk e-magazine review

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Click image to link to HATalk website

HATalk is a downloadable monthly e-magazine (suscription based).
Published by the Wombourne School of Millinery it contains all sorts of hat-making related articles and tips. All articles are very detailed, including step by step pictures.

My review is based on the three issues that I have read. One issue (number 4) I received for free (you can also receive a free issue, email them at mail@hatblocks.co.uk). In November I subscribed, and I have received the November and December issues (January issue comes out 17th January). I hope to buy all past issues soon (I have to write to find out how much that will cost!).

Although there’s an understandable focus on the activities of the School (like the Hat of the Month section, that features students work), the magazine also contains helpful millinery tips and full hatmaking tutorials. Interesting information for anyone who loves making hats.

On the latest issue, for example, I liked the detailed instructions on how to make an Edwardian tiara (plenty of pictures), as well as the tips on how to put your logo on hat linings. On the November issue I like the explanation on how to distress crin (horsehair) and how to make a yarn “boa”. On the July issue there an interesting article about millinery stitches, a tutorial on how to make a “circlet hat” out of sinamay, an explanation on how to make braids and a very interesting “letter to the editor” asking how to roll sinamay edges, with a very detailed (with pictures) how to explanation. (more…)

November 29, 2006

“Stylish Cloche” pics of some of the pages from this Millinery book

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Here are some pictures from the millinery book I reviewed yesterday, so you get an idea of what I was talking about…


November 28, 2006


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Stylish Cloche Japanese book

Title: STYLISH CLOCHE (スタイリッシュクロッシュ―クロッシュから始める帽子作り)
Author: ISHIDA OHKO (石田 欧子)
ISBN: 4-579-11042-0
Availability: Yes, if you dare (I did!), through Amazon japan, check this help page also
Occasionally available through Ebay, check this link
Price (as of the post date): 1,785.00 YEN (not including shipping)
Language: Japanese
First edition: 2005
87 pages, paperback (contains full size paterns within 2 fold out pages)

Yes, this is a Japanese hat pattern book written in Japanese. But I’ve seen pattern books written in English that seemed more like “Japanese” to me than this one does. In that sense, this book is not in “Japanese” and it’s surprisingly easy to follow.
About the Author: Okho Ishida is the daughter and disciple of Akio Hirata. Some of her work (if I understand it correctly) can be seen on this website: page 1 and page 2

Quick synopsis of the book: It’s a pattern book with instructions to make some simple yet elegant sewn hats.

1. The looks:
This book is a joy to look at. The cover looks promising and the inside does not disappoint!
The pictures, taken by photographer Kayoko Asai are really beautiful and the designer clothes worn by the models (Anges B., Yoshie Inaba, Paul Smith, Minimum etc) help to put the hats in a glamourous context. The pictures display the hats from different angles, with the brims in different positions, which will help us once we decide to make one of the hats ourselves.


November 19, 2006

BOOK REVIEW: From the Neck Up: An Illustrated Guide to Hatmaking

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From the neck up

Title: FROM THE NECK UP : An Illustrated Guide to HATMAKING
Author: Denise Dreher
ISBN: 0941082008
Availability: Yes, directly from the publisher http://www.hatbook.com/ 
Language: English
First edition: 1981 (my edition seems to be from 1992)
200 pages, paperback
Price (as of the post date): USD 24.99 (not including shipping)

This is a book you must have if you are serious about making hats. A classic millinery book, offering information on design, materials, equipment, suppliers, stitches, pattern designing, foundation construction and covering, brim facing, edge binding, trimming, finishing, working with felt and straw, block making out of balsa wood, turban draping, renovation and alternations. It also have a very useful glossary at the end.

Although it’s a very technical book, the author does not expect you to have expensive materials or equipment, and often describes ways to do things without the professional equipment.

Denise Dreher was trained as a theater milliner, and next to the general millinery instructions she offers a lot of useful information about making theater and period hats. Personally I find that too much information never hurt anyone!

What I found more useful:

1. My copy of the book is spiral bound, making it very easy to keep open while working. It’s worth asking if the spiral bound is still available. (more…)

November 15, 2006


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I will be reviewing a hat related book every week, starting soon!!

I think many people will enjoy it and it will be fun!

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