October 5, 2007

Rain protector for hats (hat covers)

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Hatcover on, ready for a rainy dayI won a bunch of “Hat Covers” recently after entering the competition of the HATalk electronic magazine (read my review here), and I’ve been wanting to show them to you ever since.

Ok. So when you’re wearing that on top of your hat you don’t look at all glamorous, but it beats the hell out of putting a used supermarket bag or a newspaper on top of your hat to avoid a total meltdown. Rain and hats don’t go well together.

So, about this neat product. It takes very little space and is easy to fold back flat. It’s folded in a concertina shape that makes the whole thing easy to pull out and store back, and has satin ribbons to tie up under the shin.

Folded Hat Cover

Taking very little space in a purse or evening bag, if you love your hat and are expecting rain (or want to be on the safe side), I would say it’s worth it to leave the house with one.

Taken from their website, the price if you take 2 Hat Covers is £2.95 ($4.95/€4.25) Plus £2.95 ($5.00/€4.25) postage (UK & overseas). The valid price is in UK pounds, check actual conversion rates if you decide to buy some.

Although that is kind of pricey, it is also true that protecting a hat that has cost you a lot of money (or time, or both) is a worthy cause.

By the way, I hope to be back posting frequently soon. Thanks again to everyone for your messages and emails, and my apologies for not replying to you. My mom is doing much better and I’m spending a lot of time with her. My laptop (a VAIO) has stopped working altogether, which hasn’t made things easy either…

Opened up Hat Cover


  1. Wish I’d had one of those when we got caught in a thunderstorm in Barcelona. My white denim hat didn’t melt down but still has rain spots. Yet another thing to tuck into the purse eh?

    Good to have you back!
    K Q:-)

    Comment by Kate — October 5, 2007 @ 6:13 pm

  2. I remember these available everywhere when I was growing up. (During the mid 60s through the early 70s). Many local businesses actually had printed roll up cases with the plastic hood inside them as advertisements. I probably still have a few from my mother and sister. Especially after just getting your hair done in rainy weather, my mother and sister said these were essential for any lady to have. What a treat to see them again!

    Comment by Rosenda — August 19, 2009 @ 7:31 pm

  3. im looking for a plastic hat cover(rain) for an antique top hat please help

    Comment by clarence garcia — November 24, 2011 @ 11:23 pm

  4. Clarence, these hat covers are pretty big, I think they would cover a top hat, no problem!

    Comment by cristinadeprada — November 24, 2011 @ 11:26 pm

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