April 10, 2007

Making a cloche hat from the italian hat block – blocking the felt

rolling up the felt cloche - click to enlargeSprayed felt inside out - click to enlargeFirst of all the felt is turned inside out and sprayed with plain water. I then put it on a wet cloth and roll it up. It goes 2 minutes at maximum in the microwave. Then I brush the sizing on and it goes back, rolled, into the microwave for another couple of minutes… please be careful to size evenly, because this time I had a couple of weak spots (discovered upon taking the hat out of the block).

After this second microwaving the felt is super soft an pliable and the water and sizing have gone deep into the fiber, it really feels like butter. With such an easy block you just have to pull down a little and it’s done. The pinning takes up more time (and it breaks my heart to make those holes in such a beautiful block). Next time I will use stainless steel pins instead of my alluminium millinery pins that are really thick. Then all it needs to do is dry up (I left it on it’s own to dry).

brushing the stiffenerin the microwaveprotecting the block with a plastic bagsupersoft felt after microwavingit fits like a glove!pinned down

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  1. I know what you mean about those pin holes! And I wish I could find steel pins too.

    Comment by jill — April 10, 2007 @ 11:15 pm

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