October 16, 2007

Night out at the Barcelona Opera House (Liceu)

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Montse Dalmau in the middle, Maria Jose on the right, me on the leftYesterday night there was a gala to celebrate the 160 anniversary of Barcelona’s opera house, known as Liceu.

I happened upon two tickets and went along with Maria Jose (aka my cousin). She arrived thirty seconds before me and called immediately to say that we were severely under dressed. Well, we were dressed elegantly but the level there was something else (and we didn’t know!). All the high class ladies of Barcelona with their long gowns and their big rocks where there, many with what my cousin calls a “wind tunnel effect” on their faces, too many liftings leaving them unrecognizable.

Turned out that Infanta Cristina (daughter of the King of Spain) was attending too! Funny enough the press only talks about the fact that she “recicled” her gown (she had worn the same gown recently to another event), and personally I think it’s great that she does that!

I asked Nina to lend me her Sea Anemone hat that I truly adore. Upon returning home I realized that I had perched it on the wrong side of the head, as it is customary to lean hats to the right side of ones head. I’m not really sure why it has to be on the right side, but perhaps it’s because it would allow you to dance cheek-to-cheek with your partner, and that seems to be good enough reason.

You can see my cousin and esteemed friend Montse (that we met by pure chance”) on the picture taken right after the show. The show was really nice, with a sample of what is usually played at the Liceu: choral music, opera and ballet. I particularly liked the ballet because it was my first experience watching Angel Corella who is the first dancer of the American Ballet (he is originally from Madrid, Spain’s capital). Along with three ballerinas they danced some numbers of the ballet “Who Care’s”, choreographed by Ballanchine to Gershwins music. Angel Corella danced spectacularly.
Finally I just want to give my thanks to Nina, the hat was much praised!

We ended up the night with a Chai Latte and headed home.

Today I’ve made a new hat, taken pictures and hope to post it all by tomorrow morning!

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  1. Love that Anemone hat on you! I tilt my hat according to my mood and/or outfit. Didn’t know there was a rule but who follows rules these days, anyway? Good for you! K Q:-)

    Comment by Kate — October 31, 2007 @ 4:25 pm

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