April 22, 2014

10th Stroll with a Hat – Pick up your hat and join us for a stroll!

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On Sunday April 27th 2014, the tenth edition of Barcelona’s Stroll with a Hat will take place, starting at noon on the corner of Rambla Catalunya and Diagonal.

The Stroll with a Hat (Passejada amb Barret), an event open to all hat lovers, started its life in 2005 by the hand of milliners Nina Pawlowsky and Cristina de Prada who have since taken care of its organization. Year after year the number of strollers has increased spectacularly until reaching a record participation of one thousand people in 2013. Anything goes, not only the classic hat, but also caps, turbans, bowlers, fascinators, top hats, etc.

To get a taste you can visit the hat exhibition “Joies al cap – Barrets del segle 21” at Centre d’Artesania Catalunya from April 10th to May 11th at 11 Banys Nous street.

For more details and access to the press kit we recommend you visit the website: www.ambbarret.com


Don’t forget your hat!



El domingo 27 de abril de 2014 a las 12 del mediodía se celebrará la décima edición del Paseo con Sombrero de Barcelona, que empezará en la Rambla de Catalunya a la altura de la Avenida Diagonal.

La Passejada amb Barret de Barcelona es un evento abierto a todos los amantes de esta singular prenda y nace en el año 2005 por iniciativa de las modistas de sombreros Nina Pawlowsky y Cristina de Prada, que se encargan de la su organización. Año tras año el número de participantes ha ido creciendo espectacularmente, hasta llegar al récord de 2013 con más de mil personas participando con su sombrero en la cabeza.  Todo vale, no solamente el clásico sombrero, sino también gorras, tocados, turbantes, bombines y un largo etcétera. Es una manera especial de pasar un buen rato y dar la bienvenida a la primavera.

Para ir haciendo boca podéis visitar la exposición de sombreros “Joies al cap – Barrets del segle 21” en el Centre d’Artesania Catalunya del 10 de abril al 11 de mayo en la calle Banys Nous 11.

Para más detalles y acceso al kit de prensa os recomendamos visitéis la web: www.ambbarret.com


¡No olvidéis el sombrero!



El diumenge 27 d’abril de 2014 a les 12 del migdia es celebrarà la desena edició de la Passejada amb Barret de Barcelona, que començarà a la Rambla de Catalunya a l’alçada de l’Avinguda Diagonal.

La Passejada amb Barret de Barcelona és un esdeveniment obert a tots els amants d’aquesta singular peça i neix l’any 2005 a iniciativa de les modistes de barrets Nina Pawlowsky i Cristina de Prada, que s’encarreguen de la seva organització. Any rere any el nombre de participants ha anat creixent espectacularment, fins a arribar al rècord de 2013 amb més de mil persones participant amb el seu barret al cap.  Tot val, no solament el clàssic barret, sinó també gorres, capells de còctel, turbants, bombins i un llarg etcètera. És una manera especial de passar una bona estona i donar la benvinguda a la primavera.

Per anar fent boca podeu visitar l’exposició “JOIES AL CAP: Barrets del segle 21” al Centre d’Artesania Catalunya del 10 d’abril al 11 de maig al carrer Banys Nous 11.

Per més detalls i accés al kit de premsa, us recomanem visiteu la web: www.ambbarret.com


No oblideu el barret!

April 12, 2014

A hat made of a hat… or what I call a "meta-hat"

This is the hat I made for last year’s  Stroll with a Hat (Passejada amb Barret).

Whether or not to sketch before making a hat is something that is often discussed in the forums. I think it simply depends on the type of hat, and possibly on your working process. I enjoy sketching although I’m not particularly good at it, but it works for me. Many sketches don’t get to become a hat, but I often review old sketches for self-inspiration. From sketch to finished product it’s often a long process with many changes. In this case the hat started as an open hat box, and it was only later on that I decided to add the top hat:


My choice of material for the structure of the hat was “toile gommée”, a very stiff canvas that is sold in France and that is very hard to work with, but that added the stiffness required for the hat box. It’s very hard to sew through, so it’s not my material of choice. It can be blocked because the stiffener softens with steam and water, but it takes muscle!


The hat box is made of tie silk that comes in narrow bolts intended to make gentelman’s ties. I think this silk is what inspired me to make the hat because it just talks hat box to me. The “tissue paper” inside of the box is silk organza (from a leftover piece that my friend Paco Peralta gave me), and the hat is made of silk shantung to match the green cape that Paco made for me.

The most difficult part was the top hat, making sure all stitches where hidden and the fabric was nice and tight. Going “miniature” makes life very difficult, particularly with such a thick material as the toile gommée. But that stiffness of the material is what allowed me to flare the top of the hat with my hands with some water and when it dried it was rock hard.

Meta-hat1Another important moment when making a hat is deciding where and how to sew the elements that make it. I used two plastic headbands, covered with elastic cotton velvet ribbon, and I played a little with the position of the hat…


I wore this hat in Madrid for the Head over Heels event organized by Value Retail Spain at Las Rozas Outlet. Stephen Jones was the mentor of that event and we had the good fortune of getting an inspiring talk from him. I love that he praised those of us (all milliners) that were wearing a hat at the moment, if we don’t wear hats who is going to? And the big surprise? There were a few of his hats on display and one of them was a hat box with hats, how crazy is that?! Here you can see it, on the left, behind the great man himself. Could they be more different and yet spring from the same idea?:


And here I am, wearing the final product, on the day of the Stroll with a Hat, next to my good friend Nina Pawlowsky:


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