October 20, 2012

HAT ME UP® is up!

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When I thinking about brand names for a line of hats, HAT ME UP® was at the top of the list. I loved it but was not sure if it was “right” because English is not my mother tongue, so I asked my American friend  Montez, and she loved it too. After that I could not believe it when I checked and there were no hits on Google, and the domain was not taken. I immediately (after jumping up and down with joy) took the domain and initiated the trade mark registering process.

After all that, the next step was to create an brand identity, and I decided to go for a retro look, both in the choice of letter style and the colours. One piece of advice though, if you decide to create a logo design, better forget about putting an edge around it, it has only given me headaches in the making of the labels and printing of cards (where, finally, I decided to eliminate the edge).


While I’m talking about design I want to thank Joan Solé and his company Totem Taller Creatiu for all the help polishing up the brand identity and also in creating this add for the Tattoo Expo of Barcelona, where I had a booth presenting my new creations.


One of the star products of the Hat Me Up® range is the GARBO vintage silk turban. It’s a tie-turban, and it’s called like that because it’s tied up at the back. The top padded knot is what gives it its “turban” appearance , and the back ends pop out nicely, but can also be tucked under if you don’t like that bow look on the back.


The beauty of these turbans and what makes them so special is the luxurious and gorgeous vintage kimono silk they’re made of. I’m in love with kimono silk bolts, and will search high and low to find the best and most beautiful fabrics.


The other product designed specially for Hat Me Up®, and that has had a lot of success is the Valentina pin up, 40’s bow. A lot of thought has gone into these bows to give them that fluffy retro look without any need for interfacing or wiring. They are cut on the bias and made of a luscious polkadot fabric in a variety of color combinations. I suggest you take a look at Hat Me Up’s Facebook page to see gorgeous pictures of customers wearing them!


Funny that shortly after designing these bows I found this picture in American Vogue from July 1942:


The third item designed for the Hat Me Up® range is the Vera tulle visor headband that I love particularly because of its versatility, it’s easy to wear and it can be worn more discretely with the tulle flat, or more flirty with the tulle ruffled up:


Here I am wearing a Vera tulle visor headband and a wonderful jacket made by the amazing couturier Paco Peralta, I recommend you follow his blog to learn couture techniques, and if you dabble into sewing, you should treat yourself to one of his hand drafted patterns, available at his Etsy shop. And I’m not saying that because he’s my friend, I’m saying it because he is absolutely amazing.


So here you have it, some blatant self promotion, because after all, who is more qualified to talk about me and my work than myself 😉

Keep an eye on Hat Me Up® and treat yourself to something nice, because wearing a hat could literally change your life. And yes, for the better.

14 april 2013: I’ve removed links to the Etsy shop that is currently not stocked!

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