May 11, 2011

Living the HAT dream

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I had a dream. It was a sunny day and I was pleasantly walking down my favorite street in Barcelona with friends. 500 friends. All wearing their hats. For once I was not the odd one out, the weirdo with a hat, if anyone felt out of place it was the occasional bare headed pedestrian looking in surprise at that endless sea of hats.

Only it wasn’t a dream. It really happened.

Last Sunday May 8th close to 500 hat lovers joined forces and shared their love for hats in a festive stroll down Rambla Catalunya in Barcelona. The press were there, TV channels, newspapers, all in awe at the incredible number of people that had showed up.

Even better, we had a police escort that made sure we didn’t have to stop for the incoming traffic. I thought I would never see it, but there it was, the busiest street in Barcelona, Aragó, with it’s traffic stopped to allow us, all 500 of us,  safe crossing. Amazing.

Nina Pawlowsky and I (Cristina de Prada) want to thank everyone that took part in this event and turned it into the success that it was.


I hope to see you all next year, the VIII Passejada amb Barret (Stroll with a hat) will take place on April 15th 2012.

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