November 1, 2007

Making a hat block out of cork – Step 2: layout

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Looking for the best layout - click to enlargeYou have to think of your block as a puzzle, or as a layered cake. You want to get the rough shape as close to the final shape as possible to minimize the amount of sanding, and since this block will taper towards the top I have made three templates, one of the headsize (two layers will be made of that one), a smaller one, and an even smaller one.

Layered plan - click to enlarge

I planned the layers on my drawing, based on the 40mm thickness of the cork, as you can see on the picture above right. I’ve decided to make a base layer that will be detachable and can be used on other blocks. This base layer will have three large holes on the base (central one for the stand, side ones so I can hold it with my fingers), and two pegs on the top that will be used to conect the base with the rest of the block (soon I will show you pictures and it will make more sense). Because the three holes on the base take quite a lot of work, the idea of making it reusable seemed quite a good one.

The oval shapes have to be traced onto the cork, and I make sure to mark the sides, front and back.

Oval traced on cork - click to enlarge I have made two lines crossing to get the center point, and clearly marked Center Front (CF). Also remember to clearly mark which layer it is, so you can later glue (drill) them in the correct order.

Keep in mind that you will also want to use that cork sheet to make the brim, so lay out the crown ovals in a way that will allow you to do that. I put them a long the length, in an angle… since I have not planned the brim yet I’m just hoping there will be cork enough.

To be continued…

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