May 28, 2007

A world hidden away – Japanese websites about hatmaking

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Ulala Koruku website - hat instructions  I have some rudimentary knowledge of Japanese (I went to classes during five years, and honestly I should have more to show for it, but I dont). I wish I understood it all. There is a wealth of websites and blogs that talk about the things I like (like millinery, cooking, origami), and all I can do is settle for some crazy surrealist online translation to find out what they’re talking about.

In addition, Japanese websites appear to be more fun and more crazy than the European/American counterparts. That’s something you can notice right away when browsing through a Japanese magazine or newspaper. The layout is completely alien to us (not only that you start to read from the back to the front), but the fact that everything is packed-in in a crazy dizzying way.

The web of Ulala Koruku is an example of someone really taking the time to make a fun website, playing beautifully with colors. Another one is this lovely one with the hat-cat on the front page. Although a recurring problem with Japanese websites is the faulty spelling (very japanese) of English words as you can see for yourself if you visit the website.

And the examples of japanese websites about hats, well, are endless, for example marche-de-chapeaux, hat love, and this very interesting blog.

This is all until the next time (I owe you lots of stuff, but I promise you will get to see it!)

May 7, 2007

Estivales du Chapeau – Chapeau Caussade – Hat exhibition and competition

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Click here to see all documents related to this eventBack from the holidays!! (more on that soon)

And some excuses first. I seem to have sunken to a lowest low by posting from work, but please believe me I’m good at multitasking  and I’m not neglecting my rent-paying job 🙂

Before it’s too late, here is the information about the competition and exhibition that takes place in Caussade (south of France) during the month of July.

I happened to drive through this village, quite by chance, on September 2001. I saw the banner hanging where it said something about hats, and so we stopped (had to!) to find out more. Little was left of the exhibtion, but I managed to inscribe myself to receive information about next years event.

I’ve only been once to Caussade (during the “Estivales”) and it was well worth it. I believe it was 2004, but I’m not sure right now! My DH, my friend Nina and I drove together and stayed at nearby town Montauban.

If you can go. Go. The cost of being an exhibitor is minimal and they will take care of your lodging and your food (up until last year it was free completely free). Submitting hats for the competition is also well worth it.

We went as spectators, and that was enough to keep us busy. I love the old (and not so old) ladies demostrating machine sewing of straw braid, the exhibition of vintage hats and hats submitted for the competition, as well as the international exhibitor stands.

One day, who knows, Nina and I will ask for our own stand and will submit hats to the competition, but so far it’s only wishful thinking.

I’m not sure if I will go this year, if Nina says she wants to go, then we go… it’s more fun when you have another madhatter next to you!


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