November 15, 2006

Stitching the bow to the hat – part 1

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 This is only the first stage. I’ve started attaching the bown to the hat through the knot part. My plan of tie-tack stitch was a bad one because the knots on the underside would be visible, DUH! So I’ve started stitching, with double thread, starting at the top side, hiding the stitches under the pleats. On the underside it’s not visible because I come in on the same place that i came out.

This is a preliminary view, but I will try to make it look better (and make it stay in place):

front viewtop viewback view

Moving ahead with the bow

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I have used a piece of the ribbon to make the bow knot, and done some very bad stitching on the back to keep it in place. Here are some pictures of the front and back:stitching of bowfront of bow

November 14, 2006

Trying to fix the bow

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It’s going slowly because I only have evenings to work on this, so please be patient.

I have undone the old bow, and have tried to do it properly. But in any case, it’s impossible to make a real bow with such wide ribbon. As you can see I have folded the ribbon and I’ve tied it in the middle with some millinery wire. Tomorrow I will fold some ribbon over the center to give it the appearance of a real bow.

So… until tomorrow… nothing else from me!

half way made bow

November 13, 2006

I like the bow

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I like the bow idea… which turns out to be the only opnion on the subject because nobody is visiting my blog!! Bwaaahhh…

But seriously, I will undo the bow (it’s was not a proper bow to begin with) and make it again trying to make it look more symmetric. But I’m not sure if I want it to be just the two loops or also the two sticking ends. I think the ends will be on the way and will not look nice, particularly from the back (or will they?)

Once that is decided, a couple of tie-tack stiches will fix the bow to the hat. To make it look natural I will use as few stitches as possible.

November 12, 2006

Struggling with the trimming

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Trying out the bown (not finished)Not sure yet about the trimming of the hat, but I need to put something BIG on the front to cover the seam between crown and brim… what do you guys think about this big bow? I’m using some grosgrain ribbon that Nina gave me a while ago.

Drying the hat in my home oven

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Another good millinery idea I think. I decided to pop my hat in the oven, at 50ºC (it’s a Neff air oven) to let it dry.

It seems it’s a good temperature for this, and the wood of the bock doesnt seem to be affected. I’ve left it a couple of hours in the oven, it worked wonderful!

 Hat drying in oven

Updated 4 December with a better picture!

Playing around with the felt

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I started playing with the felt. I want to make a small hat, to go perched on the head over the eye. This pictures are very similar to what the hat will finally look like (plus some trimmings, yet to be done).

Playing with felt 2 Playing with felt 1 Back of felt Side of felt The block I used is a simple skull shape, and I’ve shaped the felt with my hands, using the block just to get an idea of how the hat will sit on the head.

Getting the felt ready – softening felt in the microwave

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I didn’t feel like taking out my jiffy steamer so I came out with what I think is a pretty clever idea! 🙂

I sprayed the felt with water, put it on top of a wet cotton cloth and rolled it up (like a swiss roll), then I popped it in the microwave. It worked wonders!! After a couple of minutes I took it out and it was just perfect. The water had turned into vapor and sunken into the felt. I did it another time after spraying more water, and finally I brushed in water based stiffener (no flammables in the microwave please!!), on the inside of the crown and on the top of the brim (the underside is going to be the visible part). I put it back in the microwave and then it was ready for blocking!

 felt in microwave

Updated 4 December 2006 with a link to the larger picture, a more descriptive title, and some text corrections.

Can I make a hat out of this?

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Felt cut and sewn   Stitches felt  This is what I’m going to use for my hat. Since it’s already ruined there is not much that I can do wrong, and I promise to myself that I will not feel bad if this turns out to be a piece of crap.

Catherinettes – 25 November 2006

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Nina y Cristina A couple of weeks ago my friend Nina Pawlowsky asked me on our plans for Catherinettes day. We’ve know each other for 5 years now and every year we think of making a proper celebration, which usually ends up being the couple of us going out for a few drinks.

This year it’s going to be difficult. We’re going to celebrate in grand style, with cocktails, somewhere (well, Barcelona, where we live, but the venue still to be decided). This called for me making a new hat (after I think two or three years of doing nothing!), and here I am, digging up my tools, blocks, and trying to make something decent for the occasion.

This occasion has also made me think about starting a blog. Hatmaking is no easy, particularly when one is self taught like is the case with almost everyone these days. I thought I might get help and ideas from others while perhaps sharing some of mine with them. And I particularly like the chance of being able to share my problems and complain and get it out of my system… some kind of cheapo therapy.

Last weekend I thought I had lost all my felts (cones and capelines, gathered through the years) and that really made me mad, I started looking everywhere and I simply could not start with my hat, I just felt miserable and useless… Sunday I went to bed and after turning off the lights I remembered where the felts where!!!

Today, Sunday, I’ve started really seriously. I’ve picked up a felt I had worked on about 10 years ago. Crown and brim had been separated and sewn together again, and the brim had a slit on it… I really don’t know what the whole idea was at the time, I just remember thinking at the time that a good felt had gone to waste.

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