February 29, 2012

VIII Passejada amb Barret – Paseo con Sombrero – Stroll with a Hat

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The Passejada amb barret (Stroll with a hat) is a popular cultural event that invites all of those interested to take a stroll wearing their hats. It’s a way to welcome the spring with a hat and have a good time.

Organized by Barcelona milliners Nina Pawlowsky and Cristina de Prada, this event is inspired on the “Easter Parade” which is particularly popular in the city of New York where traffic is cut on 5th Avenue and people take to the streets wearing their hats.

La Passejada amb barret is the excuse that hat lovers needed to buy a new hat or dust off an old one and get out on the street wearing their favorite accessory. Anything goes, not only a classic hat, but also caps, cocktail hats, turbans, bowlers and a long etcetera.

La Passejada starts at noon on the corner of Rambla Catalunya and Diagonal where the sculpture of the flirtatious Giraffe is. Ffrom there we will walk down Rambla Catalunya until we reach Gran Via, where the sculpture of the thinking bull is.

We look forward to seeing you on April 15th at noon, wearing a hat, of course!!

La Passejada amb barret (Paseo con sombrero) es un evento cultural popular que invita a todo aquél que quiera a pasearse con sombrero. Es una manera de pasar un buen rato y dar la bienvenida a la primavera.

Organizado por las sombrereras barcelonesas Nina Pawlowsky y Cristina de Prada, el evento está inspirado en el concepto americano del “Easter Parade”, que es particularmente popular en la ciudad de Nueva York, donde tradicionalmente el domingo de Pascua se cierra al tráfico un tramo grande de la 5ª Avenida para que la gente salga a pasear con sombrero.

La Passejada amb barret es la excusa que los amantes del sombrero necesitan para comprarse un sombrero nuevo o desempolvar uno que tenían guardado y así salir a la calle con su accesorio preferido. Todo vale, no solo el clásico sombrero, sino también gorras, tocados, turbantes, bombines y un largo etcétera.

La Passejada empieza a las 12 del mediodía en Rambla de Catalunya con Diagonal, donde está la escultura de la Jirafa coqueta y acaba a la altura de la Gran Vía en la estatua del Buey pensante.

Os esperamos a todas y todos el 15 de abril a las 12 del mediodía… con sombrero, ¡¡naturalmente!!

La Passejada amb barret és un esdeveniment cultural popular que convida tothom que vulgui a passejar-se amb barret. És una manera de passar una bona estona i donar la benvinguda a la primavera.

Organitzat per les capelleres barcelonines Nina Pawlowsky i Cristina de Prada, l’esdeveniment està inspirat en el concepte americà del “Easter Parade”, que és particularment popular a la ciutat de Nova York on tradicionalment el diumenge de Pasqua es tanca al tràfic un tram de la 5ª Avinguda perquè la gent surti a passejar amb barret.

La Passejada amb barret és l’excusa que els amants del barret necessiten per comprar-se un barret nou o desempolsar un que tenien guardat i així sortir al carrer amb el seu accessori preferit. Tot val, no solament el clàssic barret, sinó també gorres, toques, turbants, bombins i un llarg etcètera.

La Passejada comença a les 12 del migdia a Rambla de Catalunya amb Diagonal, on està l’escultura de la Girafa coqueta i acaba a l’altura de la Gran Via a l’estàtua del Bou pensant.

Us esperem a totes i tots el 15 d’abril a les 12 del migdia… amb barret, naturalment!!


November 11, 2011

A hatty evening!

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November 25th is Saint Catherine’s day, patron saint of milliners. Come and celebrate with us! This is an evening to dress nicely and wear a hat. Everyone is invited. You can join us from 8.30 at El Paraigua, eat something, drink a pint, glass of wine or a cocktail with us. There’s no entry fee, you pay for what you eat/drink, and if you wait until 11.30 you will enjoy live music.

El 25 de noviembre es Santa Catalina, patrona de las sombrereras ¡Ven a celebrarlo! Este es un encuentro nocturno para venir guapos y con sombrero. Todo el mundo está invitado. Podéis venir a partir de las 8.30 a la coctelería El Paraigua y comer algo, tomar una cerveza, un vino o un cocktail con nosotras. No hay que pagar entrada, cada cual paga lo que consume y si os esperáis hasta las 11.30 podréis escuchar música en vivo.

El 25 de novembre es Santa Caterina, patrona de les capelleres. Vine a celebrar-ho! Serà una trobada nocturna per venir guapos i amb barret. Tothom està convidat. Podeu venir a partir de les 8.30 a la cocteleria El Paraigua i menjar algo, prendre una cervesa, un ví o un cocktail amb nosaltres. No cal pagar entrada, cadescú paga el que consumeixi, i si us espereu fins a les 11.30 podreu escoltar música en viu.

September 14, 2011

My report: The final of the Hat Designer of the Year 2011

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The competition Hat Designer of the Year is organized by The Hat Magazine. Every year they decide on a theme and invite professional milliners to participate. On 2010 the theme was Steampunk, and this year it was La Dolce Vita. The participating milliners have to design a collection of 6 hats (2 haute couture, 2 blocked, 2 pattern) and send sketches to the magazine. From those sketches the judges select a few that have to actually make 3 hats from their collection. From the finished hats, 6 designers (or 9 this year) are selected to go to the final.

All finalists except for Kerrie Ann Meaton-Baker (from Australia) came to Paris for the final that took place at Premiere-Classe. The hats that made it to the final were all very nicely  displayed at the center of the trade show, and after the prizes were announced there was champagne for everyone.

Here are some pictures of the event. On the top left corner I’m with Felix Weber and Dirk Seegmüller trying to shamelessly steal away their 2nd prize medal (it did not work, unfortunately). Under that picture on the left is Nigel Denford of The Hat Magazine with the representative of the Florence based hat company Marzi, awarding the industry prize to Emmy Jaarsma (who also won the 1st prize and popular vote), and to its right is judge Elvis Pompilio. Underneath that a group picture and on the right there’s a general view of the exhibition, a pictue of my hat and a picture of myself with judge Elvis Pompilio. Finally a lovely picture of the Denfords: Nigel, Alice and Carole.


On the group picture above you can see, standing: Beth Simpson, Ani Stafford-Townsend, NamQ Park, Emmy Jaarsma, Dirk-Jan Korstchot, Jill Simpson, Les Incroyables (Felix Weber, Dirk Seegmüller) and Cristina de Prada. Seating: Elvis Pompilio and Carole Denford from the Hat Magazine.

These are the hats of the winner, Dutch milliner from The Hague, Emmy Jaarsma:

Emmy Jaarsma

The hats of my friends from Germany, Felix and Dirk, Les Incroyables, who won a shared 2nd prize:


The hats of Kerrie Ann Meaton-Baker from Australia:


And the hats of the rest of the finalists:


All in all it was a lovely experience and I’m really happy I got to be in the final and meet all these lovely people!

Oh, I almost forgot to include the sketch for the hat that got to the final! Here it is:

June 26, 2011

Going to the final of the Hat Designer of the Year 2011 competition: The leather bubble cap

Here is the bubble cap:

Collage bubble hat blog

Here is the sketch:


This cap design just came to my mind after seeing lots of beautiful 60’s hats on books and magazines. With all my designs for the competition I wanted to do something new, completely original, and not a copy of something I had seen. The truth is I have never liked 60’s hats. In my mind that era was the swan’s song of hats, with hats being slaves to the crazy hair-do’s of the time. But while researching to make the hats for the competition I came across many extravagant and fun designs that made me change my mind. Perhaps it has also to do with the fact that the 60’s are inspiring today’s fashion more and more and I’m on that wavelength too.

You may feel the need to remind me that the theme for the competition is La Dolce Vita (Federico Fellini’s film that premiered in Italy in February 1960), and that the hats there tended more towards 50’s looks that 60’s. Well, that is up for discussion since many hats from the film were pretty adventurous and outrageous, but not only that, the competition called for 50’s and 60’s inspired hats. So there you have it. That is why I came up with this design.

I like my hats to look as good on the inside as they do on the outside, so here you can see the lining of the cap made with a gorgeous vintage kimono silk (disclaimer: no kimonos were harmed in the making of this hat, the fabric comes from an unused  vintage bolt). I interfaced the silk with heavy iron on interfacing to get that structured look also on the inside.


The first step to making this hat was creating the pattern. It is a totally new design and I didn’t know anything like this, so I had to make it from scratch and my favorite method for that is making a plasticine model of the hat (modeling clay that does not harden) and from there make the pattern pieces. It’s not the first time I’ve done this and shared it with you, you can check it out here: flat pattern out of a 3D shape

[THERE IS MORE!! This is a long post with many pictures, click on the MORE button below to see it all]


June 24, 2011

Going to the final of the Hat Designer of the Year 2011: Day and night hat

This is my multipurpose design, the Giorno/Sera (Day/Night) hat. It’s a hat that works as a sun hat with a wide brim, but which can be used as an evening hat by removing the brim and attaching a veil.

Here is the sketch of the hat (and yes, I sketched that not having a clue how I was going to solve the issue of the removable brim and veil!!):


Two of my projects for the competition were made with sewn straw braid. The reason is that I love the possibilities of sewing “straw” braid by machine and the wonderful final look. It helps too that I recently took at course at the Hat Museum/Atelier of Chazelles-sur-Lyon that was a real eye opener in what concerns the use of a hat braid sewing machine, with top notch teacher and wonderful person Jean-Pierre Tritz. Here is a picture of us students with the much admired Jean-Pierre Tritz (he’s 4th from the left, I’m 2nd from the left). I cannot recommend highly enough this course and this teacher: he is THE MAN.


Here is the picture of the finished hat assembled as EVENING hat (the straw used is Starbright):


The front angle on the hat was made by sewing the braid closer together on that side. Little by little the right angle is achieved.

[Lots more pictures follow, just click on the “more” button on the left!]


June 23, 2011

Going to the final of the Hat Designer of the Year 2011 competition: sketches

My friend Montez (Susan Murphy) who writes the wonderful blog Chapeau du Jour sent me an email on March 12 telling me about the Hat Magazine competition themed “La Dolce Vita” to be judged by milliner Elvis Pompilio and encouraging me to participate (I have every issue of the Hat Magazine, but I had completely missed the article about the competition!).

In order to participate on the competition I had to draw 6 designs of hats and send them off to the Hat Magazine by the end of March, so I only had two weeks to work on them, but I embraced the project and managed to finish them in time.

My life would have been much easier if I had first made the hats and then sketched them, but there was no time so I draw the hats out of my imagination (which proved to be quite a challenge later on).

Here is the announcement at The Hat Magazine of the 12 milliners who moved on to Round 2:HatDesignerCompetitionAnouncement

I was lucky to be one of the 12 milliners that made it to the Round 2, and I was instructed to make 3 specific hats out of the 6 sketches. Everything moved really fast after that because of the many things going on in my life at that time (co-organizing Barcelona’s Hat Parade -Passejada amb Barret-, giving hat making lessons, a trip abroad) and I had to work really hard again to meet the deadline for the finished hats, but it sure was fun!

The second round was judged this past June 21st by Elvis Pompilio and Sylvie Pourrat and her team (from Premiere Classe). They selected 9 milliners who will be showing hats for the final judging on September 4 (one of my hats will be there!).

These are two of the the three sketches that were selected for me to turn into actual hats (the hat that will be exhibited in Paris will remain a secret for now!!):


These are the other three sketches (I am better at making hats than at sketches, I promise you).


This is all for now. Pictures and insight into the making of two of the hats soon!!

May 11, 2011

Living the HAT dream

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I had a dream. It was a sunny day and I was pleasantly walking down my favorite street in Barcelona with friends. 500 friends. All wearing their hats. For once I was not the odd one out, the weirdo with a hat, if anyone felt out of place it was the occasional bare headed pedestrian looking in surprise at that endless sea of hats.

Only it wasn’t a dream. It really happened.

Last Sunday May 8th close to 500 hat lovers joined forces and shared their love for hats in a festive stroll down Rambla Catalunya in Barcelona. The press were there, TV channels, newspapers, all in awe at the incredible number of people that had showed up.

Even better, we had a police escort that made sure we didn’t have to stop for the incoming traffic. I thought I would never see it, but there it was, the busiest street in Barcelona, Aragó, with it’s traffic stopped to allow us, all 500 of us,  safe crossing. Amazing.

Nina Pawlowsky and I (Cristina de Prada) want to thank everyone that took part in this event and turned it into the success that it was.


I hope to see you all next year, the VIII Passejada amb Barret (Stroll with a hat) will take place on April 15th 2012.

February 14, 2011

VII Passejada amb Barret 2011 – Wear your hat and take a stroll with us!

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VII Passejada amb Barret 2011 - Low res

Come to Barcelona and wear your hat!

Next May 8th 2011 (Sunday) at noon we will wear our hats and take a stroll down Barcelona’s emblematic street, Rambla Catalunya. This will be the seventh edition of the “Passejada amb Barret” (Hat Stroll), our version of the Easter Parade that takes place every year on the Sunday after Easter (although this year it will be delayed one week to avoid clashing with any 1st of May events). We will be meeting in Rambla Catalunya / Diagonal (where the sculpture of the giraffe is). This year we will have people coming from far and wide, so why not plan your trip and join us on this wonderful event. It’s the excuse you need to get (or make) a new hat, and visit Barcelona ¡See you!

¡Ponte el sombrero y ven!

El próximo 8 de mayo 2011 (domingo) te esperamos en Barcelona para dar un paseo con sombrero. Celebramos la séptima edición de la “Passejada amb Barret”. El punto de encuentro será Rambla Catalunya esquina con Diagonal (donde la escultura de la jirafa) a las 12 del medio día. El paseo será a lo largo de Rambla Cataluña hasta la Gran Vía. Es la excusa que necesitabas para comprarte (o hacerte) un sombrero nuevo  ¡Nos vemos!

¡Posat el barret i vine!

El proper 8 de maig 2011 (diumenge) t’esperem a Barcelona per fer una passejada amb barret. Celebrem la setena edició de la “Passejada amb Barret”. El punt de trobada serà Rambla Catalunya amb Diagonal (on es trova l’escultura de la girafa) a les 12 del mig dia. La passejada serà al llarg de Rambla Catalunya fins a la Gran Via. És l’excusa que necessitaves per comprar-te (o fer-te) un barret nou.  Ens veiem!
View Larger Map

30 March 2011: The image link from flickr was broken, I’ve updated the link.

January 20, 2011

Your chance to learn millinery with Charo Iglesias


If you happen to be in Madrid, or at a flying distance, you should not miss this opportunity to polish or kickstart your millinery skills at the atelier of Charo Iglesias. Charo is an “old school” milliner (meant as a GREAT compliment), her hats are made to haute couture standards, and she has a distinguished and faithful clientele.

You can see some of her work at her website: www.charoiglesias.com

These are the courses she will be giving:

11, 12 and 13 February 2011: FASCINATORS, BASES and TRIMMMINGS

24, 25, 26 and 27 February 2011: BLOCKING HATS IN STRAW AND FELT

2, 9, 16, 23, 30 March 2011: KNOWLEDGE AND MANIPULATION OF STRAW 1



This is a unique opportunity to learn from one of the best milliners around, and to do it at her own atelier. The only knowledge required is knowing how to sew by hand.

If you want details just let me know on the comments and I will email you the info I have (schedule, description of the course and prices).

June 18, 2010

Pictures of the Paris Vintage shop opening cocktail

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It was a wonderful event, here are some pictures for you to enjoy (click on the image to see more):

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