July 9, 2007

Hat in a shop window, London

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Hat at Jaegers shop window I was in London the week before last. It’s funny because I had not been in london for years (possibly a decade) and in the last three months I’ve been there twice!… not that I’m complaining.

I saw this hat in the window of Jaeger’s and took a picture with my cell phone. It’s made of horsehair braid all draped around the crown and it looks really cool. The idea was to go back and try it on, but after that I was not able to find the shop again… duh!

I also saw a beautiful Stephen Jones hat in the Liberty’s sale. It was a little top hat made out of black leather embossed with a liberty design. It had a little black veil… really cool! But still too expensive for my pocket.

But I did buy some pieces of Liberty fabric that were on sale (in pieces of 1, 2 or 3 meters, but mostly only 2 and 3 meters were left and I was there -by pure chance- on the first day of the sale!).

May 28, 2007

A world hidden away – Japanese websites about hatmaking

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Ulala Koruku website - hat instructions  I have some rudimentary knowledge of Japanese (I went to classes during five years, and honestly I should have more to show for it, but I dont). I wish I understood it all. There is a wealth of websites and blogs that talk about the things I like (like millinery, cooking, origami), and all I can do is settle for some crazy surrealist online translation to find out what they’re talking about.

In addition, Japanese websites appear to be more fun and more crazy than the European/American counterparts. That’s something you can notice right away when browsing through a Japanese magazine or newspaper. The layout is completely alien to us (not only that you start to read from the back to the front), but the fact that everything is packed-in in a crazy dizzying way.

The web of Ulala Koruku is an example of someone really taking the time to make a fun website, playing beautifully with colors. Another one is this lovely one with the hat-cat on the front page. Although a recurring problem with Japanese websites is the faulty spelling (very japanese) of English words as you can see for yourself if you visit the website.

And the examples of japanese websites about hats, well, are endless, for example marche-de-chapeaux, hat love, and this very interesting blog.

This is all until the next time (I owe you lots of stuff, but I promise you will get to see it!)

April 4, 2007

3 minute Millinery video – Jill’s discovery

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In case you missed it, here is the link to Jill’s post about the 3 minute millinery video on how to make a silk hat. She discovered it in You Tube, which promises to be another treasure trove for the hat loving community. The video shows the entire process of making a beautiful pattern hat out of silk cloth, it’s been edited at a fast pace with nice background piano music, you will enjoy it!

January 21, 2007

Nicole Todaro: Interesting online video about millinery, in french

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Hi there, long time no post, I hope my three readers out there will forgive me 😉

You will love this video (if you don’t understand french watch it anyway, the images are fun to watch -though small-). You will need Real Player to view it:

I like to see straw braid being machine sewn, and I’m green with envy when the lady says that they have (if I understood correctly) 3000 wood crown blocks and 2000 brim blocks.

I believe this video was made to teach french, as a series of TV5 called Mains et Merveilles.

December 8, 2006

Millinery link: Little video about hatmaking in Dutch

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I found an interesting little on-line video about a Dutch milliner called Anneke Langenberg (I didn’t know anything about her before this video). I think the idea of this website is to offer youngsters a glimpse into different careers. On the left handside of the page you have to click on Hoedenmaker (hatmaker) in order to see the video:


I for one would not have minded starting a career in hat making when I was 18 (instead of going to Law school, which must be one of the most boring things in the universe).


November 29, 2006

Other hat loving bloggers

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I’ve been seeking (desperately), trying to find other bloggers out there that share my love for hats and although they don’t abound, there seem to be a few.
For starters I very much recommend The Sewist which I loved. It’s fun and it’s full of great pictures and stories.
Know of any others? Please post a comment!

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